Beijing Volunteer Service Federation needs 10 online creative supporters in video editing and poster designing

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Mission and objectives

Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (BVF), established in December 5th 1993, is a nonprofit social organization which joints and unites volunteer service organizations in the city, established by self-motivated government departments, corporations, institutions, civil organizations and other public welfare enthusiastic persons from different areas and fields which provide voluntary service to the society. It is the first provincial level volunteer-involving organization registered in the provincial civic affairs department. Since establishment, BVF makes strong commitment to promote social development through volunteerism. BVF adheres to the volunteer service spirit “Contribution, Friendliness, Mutual Assistance, Improvement”, disseminates the volunteer culture on Contribution, Friendliness, Goodness, Integrity, Equality, Justice, Openness and Inclusiveness, Happiness, Enrichment, Cohesion, Growth, promoting volunteer work as part of citizen’s lifestyle. In 2008, Beijing government successfully organized the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, during which Beijing Volunteer Service Federation has played key role in supporting the management of 1.7 million Games volunteers. Currently, over 3.89 million volunteers and 50,000 volunteer organizations have registered at the BVF’s online platform. BVF actively promotes the development of volunteering projects across the city with particular focus on elderly, children of migrant workers, disable as well as vulnerable groups on regular basis, paying attention to supporting much needed projects, including environmental protection, education, poverty reduction and etc. Currently over 10,000 volunteering projects have been in actual operation. Volunteers from Beijing participate proactively in voluntary work on emergency response, engaging in the rescue work during a numbers of severe natural earthquakes in the areas of Wenchuan, Ya’an and the country of Nepal. BVF attaches importance to the academic research


BVF is scheduled to organize the Third International Volunteer Service Exchange Conference in May, 2023, which is a platform for international exchange, prompting communication, sharing, and cooperation among countries, exhibiting volunteerism’s spirit and value, and searching for innovative plans and approaches to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. In the preparation process, BVF needs online creative supporters in video editing and poster designing related to the conference. BVF also welcomes outstanding online volunteers to participate in the conference at the end of May, 2023.

Task description

As a significant partner of UNV China, Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (BVF) has just launched the Project of Promoting Sustainable Urban Development through Volunteer Service for the Beijing Winter Olympics, in 2021 with UNDP, UNV and CICETE. BVF looking for Online Volunteers, who have experience in video editing and proofreading with excellent poster designing skills and in close collaboration with the team, support us by: – Designing social media graphics, posters, creating short videos and other materials as needed (based on the existing visual identity). – Collaborating with the team to ensure that all designs and videos align with the campaign’s objectives and messaging. – Delivering high-quality designs and videos within the agreed-upon timelines.


Required experience

I. Academic Qualifications: Advanced degree in Film and video production, Photojournalism, Audiovisual communications, Radio, television broadcasting and related fields. II. Years of experience: 2 years of experience as a video specialist or similar role. III. Competencies: • A solid experience in the areas of video editing and advertisement •BA/BS or similar degree •Good time-management skills •Proficient in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects •A good understanding of poster designing is preferred. Candidates will be evaluated based on artwork portfolio—shortlisted candidates will be requested to share their portfolio. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified, please keep an eye on your email inbox.


Chinese, Level: Working knowledge, Required English, Level: Working knowledge, Required

Inclusivity statement

United Nations Volunteers is an equal opportunity programme that welcomes applications from qualified professionals. We are committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, care protected characteristics. As part of their adherence to the values of UNV, all UN Volunteers commit themselves to combat any form of discrimination, and to promoting respect for human rights and individual dignity, without distinction of a person’s race, sex, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, age, language, social origin or other status.

How to apply

Apply online at the UNV Career portal



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