Employment opportunities at Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD ( 20 Job positions)

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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation that works to build better policies for better lives. The goal is to shape policies that foster prosperity, equality, opportunity and well-being for all. OECD draws on 60 years of experience and insights to better prepare the world of tomorrow.

Together with governments, policy makers and citizens, OECD works on establishing evidence-based international standards and finding solutions to a range of social, economic and environmental challenges. From improving economic performance and creating jobs to fostering strong education and fighting international tax evasion, OECD provides a unique forum and knowledge hub for data and analysis, exchange of experiences, best-practice sharing, and advice on public policies and international standard-setting.

Open positions

Sub-Saharan Africa Programme Manager International Energy Agency (IEA) – ParisJob Posting:17-03-2023 –

Requisition ID:16070Application

Closing Date:16-04-2023, 10:59:00 PM Apply|

Senior Information Security Officer  Digital Knowledge and Information Service (EXD/DKI) – ParisJob Posting:17-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16069Application Closing Date:16-04-2023, 10:59:00 PM Apply|
Energy Efficiency Policy Analysts International Energy Agency (IEA) – ParisJob Posting:17-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16066Application Closing Date:04-04-2023, 10:59:00 PM Apply|
Junior Economist(s) Centre for Entrepreneurship SMEs Regions and Cities (CFE) – ParisJob Posting:17-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16068Application Closing Date:07-04-2023, 10:59:00 PM Apply|
Junior Legal Advisor General Secretariat (SGE) – ParisJob Posting:14-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16059Application Closing Date:04-04-2023, 10:59:00 PM Apply|
Tourism Policy and Data Analyst(s) / Economist(s) Centre for Entrepreneurship SMEs Regions and Cities (CFE) – ParisJob Posting:13-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16000Application Closing Date:18-03-2023, 12:59:00 AM Apply|
Junior Policy/Data Analyst, Conflict and Fragility Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD) – ParisJob Posting:10-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16054Application Closing Date:31-03-2023, 11:59:00 PM Apply|
Counsellor Trade and Agriculture Directorate (TAD) – ParisJob Posting:06-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16045Application Closing Date:26-03-2023, 11:59:00 PM Apply|
Policy Analyst, Chemical Safety Assessment  Environment Directorate (ENV) – ParisJob Posting:03-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16042Application Closing Date:25-03-2023, 12:59:00 AM Apply|
Economist/Policy Analyst – Education Finance Indicators Directorate for Education and Skills (EDU) – ParisJob Posting:03-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16044Application Closing Date:31-03-2023, 11:59:00 PM Apply|
Energy Analysts  International Energy Agency (IEA) – ParisJob Posting:03-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16043Application Closing Date:10-04-2023, 10:59:00 PM Apply|
Development Economist  Development Centre (DEV) – ParisJob Posting:01-03-2023 – Requisition ID:16040Application Closing Date:23-03-2023, 12:59:00 AM Apply|
Policy Analysts, International Investment Policy and Governance Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs (DAF) – ParisJob Posting:27-02-2023 – Requisition ID:16032Application Closing Date:21-03-2023, 12:59:00 AM Apply|
Junior Ethics Advisor General Secretariat (SGE) – ParisJob Posting:24-02-2023 – Requisition ID:16031Application Closing Date:18-03-2023, 12:59:00 AM Apply|
Ethics Advisor General Secretariat (SGE) – ParisJob Posting:24-02-2023 – Requisition ID:16030Application Closing Date:18-03-2023, 12:59:00 AMApply|
Senior Economist  Economics Department (ECO) – ParisJob Posting:22-02-2023 – Requisition ID:16023Application Closing Date:20-03-2023, 12:59:00 AMApply|
Energy Modeller International Energy Agency (IEA) – ParisJob Posting:21-02-2023 – Requisition ID:16022Application Closing Date:20-03-2023, 12:59:00 AMApply|
Health Policy Analysts Directorate for Employment Labour and Social Affairs (ELS) – ParisJob Posting:20-02-2023 – Requisition ID:16015Application Closing Date:20-03-2023, 12:59:00 AMApply|
Research Officers Environment Directorate (ENV) – ParisJob Posting:17-02-2023 – Requisition ID:16014Application Closing Date:20-03-2023, 12:59:00 AM Apply|

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