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Relief International is a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to reduce human suffering. We respond to natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies and chronic poverty. We are non-sectarian and non-political. With legal standing both in the United States as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and in the United Kingdom as a registered Charity, Relief International has a global board of directors who bring an informed perspective to the communities we serve. We work in 19 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Relief International began work in South Sudan in 2009, and operates in both government and opposition-controlled areas of the Upper Nile region to meet the needs of the most vulnerable communities in the grip of ongoing conflict.

Our health programs provide life-saving health and nutrition interventions through 24/7 services at hospitals and clinics in some of South Sudan’s most remote locations. We’re also combating the root causes of malnutrition through training for food-insecure families on how to establish high-nutrient vegetable gardens. Increasing access to safe water sources is also a focus of our work in South Sudan. We’re rehabilitating damaged water pumps and partnering with community hygiene promoters to provide instruction on proper water treatment and storage – a necessity for guarding against cholera and other water-borne diseases.

In a country where economic opportunity is limited but land space is abundant, the community-managed woodlots and tree nurseries we helped establish are providing a sustainable source of income. These small businesses are also reducing deforestation and the tensions that develop when there is high demand for limited resources.

Open job opportunities

  1. Job Advert_ Logistics Coordinator_ Renk & Melut.pdf (1.3 MB)
  2. Job Advert_ Mental Health & Psycho-social Support Officer _ Juba.pdf (885.5 KB)

Deadline: September 08,2023

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  1. I appreciate your support and trustworthy work towards my community maluth and the whole of south Sudan, am interested in the above Post call logistics coordinator

  2. I an interesting to apply Logistic Coordination, I have Bachelor Degree in Management and Diploma in Human Resource management and have more the ten years experience in deferent managing team. I would wait for you quick response.

  3. My name is Merga Abdena I have MA Degree On Educational Leadership and management if get the chance I have Interest work your organization .

  4. At the first time I saw jobs opportunity at relief international I immediately arrange my Application and documents before I reah theirs compound in tho going area one of my friend asked me do you know any one in HR board I said no but theirs recruitment may be based in merits rather than demerit,at last it appears that my friend is fact teller,I have sent More than 7 application non of them were consider,


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