General Background

The OEC: The Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC) is an international intergovernmental organisation, founded in January 2020 by countries from across the Global South, to “contribute to the equitable, just, and prosperous social transformation of societies by promoting balanced and inclusive education, in order to attain the fundamental rights to liberty, justice, dignity, sustainability, social cohesion, and material and immaterial security for the peoples of the world”.

The main functions of the Executive Office of the Secretary General (EOSG) are to:

  1. Act as an interface for Departments, Bureaus, and external stakeholders;
  2. Ensure the required follow-up on the Secretary-General’s instructions;
  3. Assist in the strategic coordination and oversight of the OEC’s activities and operations;
  4. Facilitate the Secretary-General’s decision-making by enabling a smooth and timely flow of relevant information and undertaking research required by the Secretary-General;
  5. Ensure effective communication channels between the Secretary-General, Member States, Associate Members, and external stakeholders;
  6. Organise and coordinate the Secretary-General’s work agenda, official travels, working visits, and public engagements.

Job Title

Strategic Coordination Officer

Duty Station

Headquarters (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)


Indeterminate appointment

Category and Level

T3, Step I (mid-level technical post)

Role Summary

Under the authority and direct supervision of the Secretary-General, the Strategic Coordination Officer is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of Secretariat’s implementation of the Programme and the Strategic Plan, and facilitating the coordination between the various Departments and Bureaus to achieve Key Performance Indicators. This position provides the unique opportunity of joining the team of a new international organisation, contributing to its lasting construction and influencing its future trajectory.


  • Develop a Results Framework supporting the Strategic Plan (baseline, indicators, targets) ;
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation work plan outline for the implementation of the Programme;
  • Develop a reporting and results-communication system for Departments and Bureaus;
  • Collect, analyse, and consolidate the reports from Departments and Bureaus to map out the overall performance of the Secretariat in achieving the Organisation’s objectives;
  • Map out systemically the inter-relations between the various Departments and Bureaus, in particular with regard to Programme implementation;
  • Support knowledge management and capacity development related to data, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Prepare reports on implementation and coordination performance, and articulate corresponding recommendations for the Secretary-General’s consideration ;
  • Support the Secretary-General in preparing mid-term assessment and reviews for presentation to the governing bodies ;
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Secretary-General.


  • Strong, proven analytical skills ;
  • Excellent interpersonal, diplomatic and cross-cultural communication skills with a proven track record;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Strong methodical, systemic, and strategic thinking skills;
  • Ability to operate sensitively and effectively in a multicultural environment and deal with cross-cultural sensitivity;
  • Ability to be discreet and to compartmentalise confidential information;
  • Ability to work in an autonomous manner;
  • Ability to withstand and work effectively within stressful situations.


  • At least 6 years of work experience in strategic planning, programme management, or monitoring and evaluation;
  • Advanced university degree in business or public administration, international development, social sciences, or other related fields.

Language Requirements

Candidate must at least be fluent in English and additional knowledge of one or more other official languages (French, Arabic, Spanish) is an asset.

How to apply

All applications must be sent to HRE@OEC-OCE.ORG and must include:

  1. Subject line: “EOSG SCO – Application”
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Letter of Motivation
  4. Any other relevant information