Handicap International Federation (HI) also known as Humanity & Inclusion globally, is an independent and impartial aid organization, created in 1982, working across 50 countries. HI works alongside the vulnerable populations, whatever the context, taking action to respond to their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. Present in India since 1988, LO permission granted in 1993. HI successfully implemented more that 20 country projects and 2 Regional projects.

HI plans to conduct revenue-generating activities as part of its mandate on disability inclusion issues beginning in January 2023.

These actions are considered lucrative, following a 4P analysis (Price, Product, Target Audience, Advertising), including

  • Projects for companies/corporate to make an employer inclusive (= Inclusive Technical Assistance type 2) (ITA 2),
  • Projects carried out in a consortium with a commercial development company as lead partner.

HI wishes to appoint a firm, or a group of consultants or individual with proven knowledge and experience in the topic.

For Detailed information, please check the complete version of the advert attached:TOR TAX CONSULTANT-INDIA

The eligible firm/individual(s) are invited to submit Proposal in soft through email: procurement-india@india.hi.org by Monday, 05 December 2022.

Proposal received after the due date or Incomplete proposal will not be considered. Incomplete proposal will not be considered for assessment.

How to apply


The selection process of the firm / individual will be organized on the basis of the following criteria:

  • A note on the understanding of the mission;
  • A methodological proposal
  • A financial proposal;
  • Two references (organization, contact details, referees) relating to similar missions (preferable to international organizations in the NGO sector who have been support to establish an entity in India.);
  • Profile of individual/Firm. In case of Firm, CVs of the specialist (scanned credentials will be required during contract signature),
  • Copy of Tax registration (PAN/GST), in case of firm all statutory documents as per local regultaions
  • Bank details


  • All documents and information as described in para 9.
  • Our request and your quotation should be in compliance to the local law
  • Only the authorized person of your organization should sign the proposal/Document and affix the official Rubber Stamp in authentication of the same.
  • The Financial Proposal should have all detailed which includes applicable Tax, Payment Terms, Payment method and other cost if any.
  • The Proposal should be submitted in soft through email: procurement-india@india.hi.org .
  • The proposal should reach to us on or before Monday, 05 December 2022. Proposal received after the due date will not be considered.
  • Incomplete proposal will not be considered for evaluation.
  • The validity period of the Proposal and terms and conditions thereof, if any should clearly be written and attached.
  • Handicap International will be making payment on within 15 working days of receipt of the actual bills at designated place and acceptance thereof by it subject to necessary deductions as per applicable local Laws.
  • Handicap International reserves its right to accept or reject any proposal without assigning any reasons thereof whatsoever.
  • Should you have any query, please write us back at procurement-india@india.hi.org.